These are Saine’s Thought Leaders:

Zwi Greg Fainberg

My Photo Edited Zwi50Greg Z. Fainberg is Director of CEXINO Consulting. CEXINO stands for Customer Experience Innovation. This consultancy helps Individuals and Organizations become CEXii – Customer Experience Intelligent and Innovative. Greg Z. Fainberg is a life coach, innovation and creativity problem solving facilitator. Even though he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008, he continues to help individuals, teams and organizations to enable effective thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, collaboration and teamwork. CEXINO consulting prides itself in helping organizations, small businesses and individuals establish innovation strategy and culture, build customer centricity, spark remarkability and enhance creative leadership. To find out more about Greg Z. Fainberg or CEXINO go to for more information.

Maggie Fikkert

Maggie Fikkert

Maggie is the CEO and co-founder of QueO Innovations. She holds a BSc degree in Psychology and Information systems, Honours degree and a MBA. Maggie has mirrored her passion for creativity into her personal life and has published a fantasy fiction manuscript set in the Cradle of Humankind. She is also passionate about teaching children how to think outside the box and to be innovative.

“Innovation should spread wider than the business world and government and should be instilled earlier to stimulate the growth of new businesses. Its seeds should be planted at the base of our society today, being our children; and nurtured into adulthood to make a positive impact on our economy along the way. It is imperative to cultivate the right environment for innovation through motivation, exploration, practice and inspiration for the next generation. “

Freda Gray


Freda is co-founder and Director of Mindstir Consultancy, an innovation company that help clients design, build and sustain innovative co-creation platforms. Services include Innovation strategy design, platform implementation innovation project management and training.
Freda has done a combination of communication and innovation consulting work for a number of Public and Private Sector clients after leaving FNB. In the bank she managed several innovation projects as well as the Branch Banking division’s employee innovation programme.

“An innovation and co-creation platform is a way to bring democracy to the workplace and to citizens, while benefitting the host by exceeding delivery on strategic objectives.”

Neil Jacobsohn

Neil Jacobson

Neil is Joint CEO of FutureWorld SA, the global business and technology think-tank. He is a provocative, award-winning presenter and facilitator, a futurist and business strategist, and a photo-journalist whose work has been published around the world.

“We need to understand, design and then create our own future – more so now in these turbulent times than ever. Innovation is not a luxury, it is a survival imperative.”

Stephan Lamprecht

StephanLamprecht50Stephan Lamprecht, an industrial engineer advises start-ups and innovation support entities in the management of innovation and commercialisation. Know-how and experience involve the growth and culture of high-tech start-ups. He formerly ran the Technology Top 100 Awards Programme – at the time SA’s premier business awards programme celebrating innovation – mandated to do so by the Department of Science and Technology. Stephan is past-president of the SA chapter of the Licensing Executives Society International, a not-for-profit association for people with an interest in the licensing of intellectual property and technology transfer. He is the presenter of Summit TV’s Intellectual Property show.

Vuyani Lingela

Vuyani50Vuyani Lingela is the Chief Director: International Research in the National Department of Science and Technology (DST), where he develops, promotes and manages knowledge on international science, technology and innovation opportunities and partnerships in order to enhance the exchange of capacity and resources between South Africa and its regional and international partners.

Henra Mayer

Henra Mayer

Henra Mayer is founder and CEO of Innocentrix. Innocentrix develops innovation approaches and solutions that fit the organisational business models of its clients. The result is often rapid, affordable, innovation success. Passionate about innovation and making it work in the coporate environment, Henra considers innovation trends nationally as well as globally. She has a MBL degree that produced a dissertation on Innovation Measurement and is currently completing a PhD, researching Innovation Success Factors. She also acted as judge at various innovation competitions and regularly publishes innovation articles in related business magazines. Henra was co-founder and previous Director at RIIS.
“Innovation is about action. In the organisational context, successfull innovation means finding an innovation model or approach that supports your complete environment, ultimately demonstrating value.”

Mansoor Mohamed

Mansoor Mohamed

Mansoor is South African born and bred and an experienced Chartered Accountant. He was appointed to his current position in the City of Cape Town in 2006 after returning from London, where he managed a recycling business. Prior to that, Mansoor worked in financial services in London where he held various management positions in the corporate headquarters of a FTSE100 corporation. Some of Mansoor’s achievements include the development of a ‘skype’ phone in London and China for use on laptops. He is passionate about the environment, and has previously been involved in sourcing second generation wind turbines from Denmark for reassembly in rural communities in Eastern Europe.

“In the same way as coal and oil are the drivers of the industrial economy, knowledge and innovation will be the driver of the 21st century economy. Therefore, humanity must create wealth from knowledge and innovation.”

Rene Pellissier

RenePellissier50René Pellissier is Professor of Business Management and Head of the Department of Business Management at the University of South Africa. She is current Director of the School of Management Sciences. She teaches Technology and Innovation Management and Information Management-related subjects, Operations Management and Research Methods.

Itha Taljaard


Itha is the CEO and founder of Sense2Solve, a consultancy that specialises in innovation, creativity and futures thinking. She holds a BSc degree in Mathematics and Chemistry, Honours degree in Chemistry and is busy with a MPhil degree in Futures Thinking. Itha is certified in de Bono thinking systems, the Lego Serious Play methodology and is a Whole Brain thinking (HBDI practitioner). Itha has worked in the field of innovation and creativity for the last 8 years, building up extensive experience about this relatively young field. She is particularly interested in sharing the lessons learned during this period – especially “what not to do” in an innovation initiative.

“Innovation should be seen as a lifelong journey. There are two critical components in this journey: people and focus. Without people any innovation initiative will fail, as it is only people who have the capability to come up with new ideas. The secret is to teach people to think creatively in a systematic and focused way, using and applying thinking tools and frameworks. Focus is critical – without focus, no-one knows where new ideas are needed. Clearly defined focus areas tied with the organisations strategy will enable faster implementation and ROI. Design plays a critical role: The innovation program must be designed to fit an organisations specific innovation goals and context. The organisation needs to redesign itself to allow innovation and creativity to flourish. The outcome of creative thinking must be designed in such a way that the new products and services add maximum value to the potential users.
My last comment is to realise that you have to look for opportunities for innovation in a systematic and focused manner. If you don’t do this, you will end up with small incremental ideas only.”

Ruth Tearle

Ruth Tearle

Ruth Tearle is the founder of Change Designs which focuses on helping people to be successful at work. Ruth has 20 years experience in corporate strategy, innovation, change management and facilitation. She has written numerous books including Blackboards, Bubbles & Cappuccinos”, “Ride the Wild Tiger” and “Mastering Personal Change.” Today Ruth acts as a consultant, a trainer, and an author. Visit the highly innovative website of This website breaks the paradigm of consulting and knowledge websites.

Nicola Tyler


Nicola Tyler is South Africa’s renowned expert in the field of lateral thinking. She has personally worked with and been trained by Dr. Edward de Bono in his creative and lateral thinking methods and is widely considered a master at applying the techniques in live business situations.

Rudi van der Walt

Rudi van der Walt

Rudi van der Walt is Director of Technology Transfer and Innovation Support at the North-West University. He started his career in the petro-chemical and chlor-alkali industries, whereafter, in the eighties, he lectured Production and Technology Management at Unisa’s School of Business Leadership. Later, he got involved in innovative entrepreneurship through his own material handling business, as the MD of the CSIR’s Technovent and at the Innovation HUB in Pretoria where he has been mentoring innovative start-ups since its inception. Rudi is presently coordinating the proposed North-West Science Park in Potchefstroom.

Gavin Symanowitz

Gavin Symanowitz, an actuary, headed up Strategic Product Innovation for Investments at FNB for over 5 years. He won the prestigious Innovator of the Year award in 2008, and subsequently left the bank to found a number of revolutionary web-based businesses. One of these,, was recognized as one of the 10 Most Promising Digital Innovations world-wide in 2009, by Netexplorateur, an international organization set up under the auspices of the French Government Ministry for the Digital Economy. His business has also been listed as one of 11 Top African Tech Start-Ups to Watch. Gavin has been a regular finalist in numerous international open innovation competitions.

Gavin obtained a PhD in Mathematical Statistics in 2005. He lectured formally at Wits University, and continues to lecture MBA students on an informal basis. He is an accomplished speaker, and is passionate about innovation and how it can change the world for the better.

Peter J. Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen

Peter 50
Peter van Nieuwenhuizen started his career in 1983 at the old Santambank. Following a number of mergers and acquisitions, Peter took an opportunity to work as management consultant in Minneapolis, USA, where he engaged with clients such as US Bank, Fingerhut, Pillsbury and Conseco Finance. He is currently engaged in post-graduate studies in management science. Peter is the founding principal of Skopus Business Consultants. The aim of this organization is to equip micro to medium enterprises in a better understanding of management principles. Peter’s interests cover history, astronomy, golf, chess and cooking.


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