What is Saine (South African Innovation Network)?
Saine was established as part of a vision born out of the realisation and belief that South African innovation is unique. It is context driven to fit the South African landscape and geared to enable us to compete with the best in the world as far as innovation and creativity is concerned. Saine will provide a platform for learning, sharing and talking innovation. It aims to activate the triple helix principle in South Africa where government, academia and industry come together and collaborate to find new solutions and create real value in the country. This network could become the ultimate innovation standard-setting platform in South Africa.

Where do you fit in?
Visit the interactive Saine-website (www.saine.co.za) regularly and discuss your innovation issues freely. Every week a new discussion topic is launched for everyone to participate, learn and benefit.
Host an innovation discussion (in any sector) on Saine’s website by choosing a provocative topic/article and ask other innovators what you like to know regarding it. Contact us to load it for you. Saine would like you to contribute shaping innovation in South Africa because innovation is everybody’s business.
You could even become an Innovation Thought Leader (a creator or sharer of your case studies/knowledge etc on innovation) on the Saine website.

Advertise your innovation events & innovation management jobs here.

You can take part in innovation surveys to create more new knowledge on innovation. Reports will be made available to all participants.

Add the Saine website as a link on your company’s website (the words “South African Innovation Network” as activated as the link would be the best for web optimisation) (Or have the Saine-logo activated as a link – we could send the logo to you) . In return, we would add your company as a link on the Saine-website too. You could also be a sponsor on an annual basis and get your company’s logo on the Saine website.

  • Saine wants to contribute bridging the “innovation chasm”.
  • Be less lonely as an innovation leader in South Africa.
  • Saine would like to become a lobbying force for innovation.
  • Saine want to build a community for innovation for it to flourish and contribute in job creation and economic growth in South Africa.
  • If you have any other needs where you think Saine can play a role, or any other bright idea to to make Saine more valuble, please let us know. We need your insight.

    Why SAINe?
    SAINe was born out of the realisation and belief that South African Innovation is unique. South Africans need to share, learn from each other and work together to capitalise on our local know-how. We need to start believing in our own international competitiveness and need a platform to do this; a common place where innovation managers from various organisations as well as South African entrepreneurs and other role players could interact and add value to each other and enrich the South African innovation capability.

    What is SAINe’s main aim?
    The main aim of the activities associated with the innovation network is to remedy the current lack of reliable data on innovation related topics as well as contribute to information on progress made in South Africa on innovation. It will also serve as a national resource, providing information on upcoming and ongoing innovation activities as well as assisting with local and international benchmarking.

    How did Saine actually come about?
    Many role players like the SA Innovator magazine and The Research Institute for Innovation and (RIIS) toyed with the idea of an innovation network. During the Innovation Systems Leadership Programme piloted by the Cooperation Framework on Innovation Systems between Finland and South Africa (COFISA) participants came up with ideas/ roles and commitment on how to take the main learning points like collaboration and building innovation networks further.

    In parallel to the COFISA pilot, the SA Innovator magazine hosted South Africa’s First National Innovation Summit with the theme: “Innovation on Trial”. This summit was used by RIIS, who was one of the content organisers of the event, to survey the need amongst participants for a networking club amongst role players from the academic, government and business sectors. Of the organisations and individuals that were in attendance at the summit, forty-three indicated that they felt a need for an innovation network. The Summit participants also indicated that they wanted the network to be formalised for it to contribute pro-actively to the innovation landscape in South Africa. Suggestions included members funding research projects on innovation, discussion of case studies and innovation lessons learnt, and for best practices in innovation management to be benchmarked.

    In due course, SAINe was officially established at a stakeholder meeting on 17 July 2009. The first steering committee meeting was held on 31 July 2009. The SAINe website was launched on 18 August 2009 at the SA Innovation Summit.

    Why should people belong to SAINe?
    Apart from your playing a major role in shaping innovation in South Africa, you as an individual, or your company as corporate member (with 2 or more individuals being part of SAINe), would receive discounts in excess of R2 000 per individual to premium innovation events such as the SA Innovation Summit. You would be invited to other innovation events which are closed to people not belonging to SAINe. You would receive the SA Innovator Magazine for free. Your company would also appear in the Innovation Yearbook. Please have a good look on SAINe’s Value Proposition that you will find on the registration form that is also available on the SAINe website.

    What is different about SAINE compared to other similar organisations or bodies in South Africa?
    SAINe wants to nurture an innovation culture that is pervasive across the nation, it believes that innovation has no boundaries, it is not confined to high-tech or a capability of professional scientists. SAINe therefore is a network that is building a unified, integrated, innovation community in South Africa. SAINe intends complementing and integrating where relevant with existing organisations and will aim to avoid duplication.

    Will Saine be shaped by its members?
    Yes, absolutely, SAINe will respond to where its market (you, the audience) will take it. Proof in point: At the open innovation workshop SAINe will engage in an open innovation session with people in the room and collect ideas on what will be valuable for SA Innovators on such a platform. So you can start shaping SAINe in that session. It is an example of open innovation in action. SAINe will also run a blog on innovation and all the inputs will be collected and compiled in a document published on the site. Any one can also publish their stories on innovation on the website. Please contact SAINe to get your article published on the website.

    How do I use Saine?
    Go to SAINe’s interactive website on www.saine.co.za, it is absolutely free. Participate in the discussion, publish and receive case studies in distinct fields of innovation, be part of setting standards, knowledge sharing and establishing benchmarks in innovation. Celebrate success on the website, become involved by telling us who you are and how you want to become involved. We need your insight.

    How do I become a SAINe member?
    You can register online on the SAINe website. You would then be invoiced by SAINe via e-mail and you could pay the money into SAINe’s bank account in which ever way is convenient for you. If you have a hard copy of a SAINe registration form, you could fax it or scan and e-mail it to SAINe and we would invoice you.

    Are there other similar networks to SAINE internationally?
    Yes here are a few. The interested reader can investigate the following websites:
    http://www.innovationmanagement.se/ http://www.1000ventures.com/business_guide/innovation_mgmt_main.html


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