4th SA Innovation Summit
Innovation Legends: Ideas to Market

Day 1
Keynote speakers:

Kammy Dhaver-Young: The Eskom Open Innovation Pilot
Vivienne Schultz: Growing Innovation within Africas culture of dependancy
John Rooymans: Colours to serve the eye while saving energy
Katherine Thompson: 101 on PI Due Diligence
Sheena Reel: Creating a culture of innovation
Alexandra Fraser: The Start-Up Guide
Louise van Rhyn: Creating a culture for innovation
Tim Malone: Innovation_ It all starts with the fuzzy front end
William Gwata: Innovation Demystified
Deonie Botha: Creating sustainable open innovation in the mining industry
Micheal Joseph: Platinum beneficiation initiatives and incentives

Day 2
Keynote speakers:
Skip Davis: Harnessing the wisdom of the crowd
Jeffrey Baumgartner: The way of the innovation master

Dr Harry Swart: Green Innovation and the Economy
Dr Liesbeth Botha: Two Case studies of Innovation at the CSIR – UViRCO and Cellnostics
Marius van der leek: The Management of Innovation in a high-tech ICT business
Maggie Fikkert: Business model innovation
Mareli Steyn: Novixo – Your idea lab
Rhode Odendaal: Entrepreneural Innovation case study
Ravini Moodley: The Inventors roadmap
Marinus du Plessis: Sustainable Technology Innovation in mining and minerals
Gavin Symanowitz: Making it happen – Transforming an idea into an online business
Aage Thunem: Research, innovation and commersialisation

Day 3
Jac Spies: How to find inventive solutions to technical problems using TRIZ
Rehann Calitz: The importance of context for innovation


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